Our Story

Well, it began with Alana’s Mama.

After having three boys, she finally gave birth to a girl. And because Alana was her one and only daughter, she dressed her to a T. She would sew her Easter dresses, paint her fingernails, put her in bonnets and hats that matched her outfits. As she grew older, she took her on mom/daughter shopping dates. When they would get home at night after a shopping date, she would put on a modeling show for Alana’s dad, showing him all her new outfits. She grew to love the creativity involved when putting pieces of clothing together and watching a cute outfit emerge. 

Alana is now 33, and after a wonderful 12-year career in education, she started to get restless. She needed a change. And well….Eleven Oaks Boutique sort of sprang to life. In the small town where she grew up, her parents home was nestled in the middle of their pine tree farm. In the clearing where they built their home, they left eleven magnificent oak trees that surrounded their house. The trees provided shade, beauty, and strong limbs that supported their tree swings and tree houses. For Alana, those oak trees are a symbol of life. They represent strong roots, shelter and protection, and they inspire her to reach for her dreams, just as their long and lovely limbs reach for the sun.

An exciting new chapter began for the brand in 2022: OpenStore acquired Eleven Oaks with plans to grow the brand while maintaining the same quality and service the Eleven Oaks community has come to expect. 

It is our hope that our customers will enjoy the amazing pieces we offer and will be inspired to nurture their own creativity. We try to give some outfit ideas in each item description, but naturally, we all have different styles and that's what makes fashion so fun! We would LOVE to see some of your outfit ideas with pieces you’ve purchased! Please email us any pictures, suggestions, comments, and feedback to info@shopelevenoaks.com.

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